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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can’t get weed legally in Parkersburg, WV. It is illegal in Parkersburg. But if you have a medical marijuana card, you can have a valid one if it meets the state’s qualifying criteria.

$20 medical card online is not available in Parkersburg, West Virginia. If you are getting such promises from any MMJ card service provider, they are running a scam beware of them.

Yes, West Virginia residency is a requirement to obtain a medical cannabis license in the state, ensuring that only eligible residents can access the medical marijuana program.

While West Virginia’s medical card allows legal access to medical marijuana within the state, its validity in other states depends on reciprocity agreements between states.

The renewal cost for a medical card in West Virginia is $189.

With a medical marijuana card Parkersburg in West Virginia, patients gain legal access to cannabis products, enabling them to find relief from straining symptoms and enhance their overall quality of life.

To be eligible for medical marijuana in West Virginia, individuals must be 21 years old and diagnosed with one or more state-approved “severe medical conditions,” such as chronic pain, cancer, PTSD, HIV/AIDS, and ALS.

The cost of a medical marijuana card in West Virginia is $199.